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Google Ads

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Nov 2022

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/ Goals


Generate high quality quote requests


Increase requests from US market

/ Results


quotation requests


from US market



Bota Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of multi-axis force-torque sensors, torque sensors, and custom sensors based in Switzerland. They approached us with the aim of utilizing Google Ads as an additional tool for lead generation.

Their main objective was to generate quotation requests, while also seeking to enhance their visibility within the competitive US market.

/ Goals

  • Primary goal: Get leads which are quotation requests.
  • Secondary goal: Get more exposure in the US market.

/ Strategy

In order to effectively address Bota Systems’ objectives, we developed a comprehensive Google Ads campaign tailored to their unique requirements.

Our strategy incorporated the following essential components:

Accurate conversion tracking setup

In order to accurately measure the success of the campaigns and optimize performance, we implemented a robust conversion tracking system. This allowed us to precisely track and analyze the actions taken by users, such as quotation requests, form submissions, or other desired conversions.

There were 2 conversions being tracked:

  • Filling out a “Get a quote” form
  • Filling out a “Contact” form

In order to avoid false form submissions and spam, the trigger that logged a conversion was the opening of the “Thank You” page. This means that the form was actually submitted and guarantees that only genuine and qualified leads were counted as conversions.

Targeted keyword selection

Thorough keyword research enabled us to identify high-intent keywords relevant to Bota Systems’ products and services.

This step was particularly critical when entering new markets, where relying solely on branded keywords may not have generated significant search volume or captured the attention of potential customers.

Selecting the right keyword match type

There’s a delicate balance between precision and reach – after evaluating different match types, we found that phrase match delivered the best results.

Broad match generated excessive junk traffic, including irrelevant educational queries, while exact match proved overly restrictive, limiting the campaign’s potential volume in the low-volume sector.

By opting for phrase match, we captured relevant search queries while filtering out the noise, ensuring our ads reached the most promising prospects.

Maximized clicks strategy

Recognizing the untapped potential beyond the US market, we launched international campaigns in countries like France, Spain, and Canada.

In these relatively low-click and low-volume accounts, we implemented the maximize clicks bidding strategy. Despite its reputation for potentially attracting irrelevant traffic, we found that in competitive markets, maximizing clicks proved effective with great click-through rates and cost-effective CPCs.

/ Results

Let’s delve into the results achieved during our 8 month collaboration with Bota Systems.

Increased Lead Generation


quotation requests


quotations from the US

In 8 months the campaign successfully generated 52 quotation requests, with 29 of them coming from the US.

Google Ads campaign delivered a steady stream of high-quality leads, empowering their sales team to engage with genuinely interested prospects and drive conversions.

Enhanced Exposure


clicks from the US


of conversions from the US

Bota Systems experienced a notable increase in brand visibility within the US market – the US campaign generated over 1,500 clicks and 55% of all conversions.

The targeted Google Ads campaign allowed them to capture the attention of potential US customers, increasing awareness of their industry-leading sensors and cementing their reputation as the go-to force torque sensor producer.

/ Moving Forward

With the proven success of the Google Ads campaign, Bota Systems plans to continue leveraging this platform for sustained lead generation and market expansion.

Regular performance analysis and optimization will ensure ongoing success, further establishing Bota Systems as a leading force in the sensor industry.

/ Conclusion

Bota Systems’ collaboration with our agency for their Google Ads campaign tapped into an untapped avenue of client acquisition and brand visibility.

This not only generated a surge in qualified leads but also helped position Bota Systems as a prominent player in their industry and facilitated their entry into new markets quicker and more effectively.